Bottom Line! What Makes a Framework an Agile One?

Since 2007 we have seen the advent of several frameworks that claim to scale Scrum or scale Agile such as LeSS, DAD, Nexus, SAFe, DSDM, MAXOS and we will most likely see more to come on scene.

Iā€™m not going to rate or critique each of these in this post, but I believe any attempt to scale Agile / Scrum should at least satisfactory answer these questions:

  • Is the process iterative?

  • Is delivery incremental?

  • Does it support collaboration within teams and with the client

  • Is work prioritized by business value?

  • Does it support inspect and adapt?

Ultimately, does it adhere to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development  values and the Twelve Principles of Agile Software?